Anitah Fabiola is somewhat under pressure to ‘clean up’ following boo Mark Mubiru’s controversial post he shared on his Instagram story, which according to many Netizens suggest that there’s trouble in paradise!

Mark with all his bravery shared a video with a subtitle: “When the devil can’t reach you, he sends a girl whose name has two A’s and ends in the ‘ah’ sounds,” something that left social media in-laws murmuring with other concluding that the couple’s relationship could have hit a dead end.

When the ‘tambuza post’ gang took the screenshot and put it in circulation, Fabiola was forced to jump out of her comfort zone and commented on one of the posts: 

“Stop it. You have no sense of humour? I was on my husband’s lap, we saw the video together and laughed and he shared it to his story with me right there and we both laughed. So there’s no story here.”

In 2022, Anitah Fabiola’s parents blessed her entanglement with the loaded Mark Mubiru in a private but lavish Kwanjula ceremony full of pomp and glamour, held in Lubugumu, Kigo, Ndejje in Luweero district.

Eddy Kenzo, Spice Diana, Winnie Nwagi and many other A-listers graced the ceremony.

To show off his financial muscle, Mark gifted Fabiola a Maroon Mercedes Benz as a token of appreciation for being sweet.

The two love-birds have been playing bedminton home and away, in Kampala, Maldives, Spain, Turkey, and France among others, for the past six years.