Allan Soja, originally known as Kawalya John Allan, a cinematographer from Uganda, has pushed his career to the next level with his recent achievements. 

Most notably, he made a significant mark, cinematographing his first movie trailer in Amsterdam Called The Boiling Point, featuring Hollywood legend Costas Mandylor. This collaboration has garnered international attention, showcasing Soja’s exceptional talent. 

Starting from humble beginnings, Soja’s journey reflects his dedication and passion for the craft. His unique ability to tell compelling visual stories is putting Ugandan cinema on the global map. The buzz around his latest project hints at a promising future. 

Besides that, we’ve seen him also featuring on significant music videos that feature the King of the Dancehall, Beenie Man, and another with Demacco, both Jamaican stars. These ventures demonstrate Soja’s versatility and ability to collaborate across borders. 

He continues to make moves throughout the world, raising the flag high for Ugandan talent. Allan Soja is a testament to the power of talent and determination.