King Saha has had enough of comedian Dr. T Amale… he wants to teach him a lesson for making him a meal to taunt and mock.

The crooner says the hunt is on for the controversial comedian, who doubles as a media personality and he is optimistic that he’ll meet him sooner than later!

“He says that I’m a mad person. I’m going to show him what madness does,” King Saha roars in

a live TikTok video, further making his intention to sort Dr. T Amale and put him where he belongs.

“We are battling with people who carry guns, and now I hear Dr. T Ammale attacking me. I will just b3at up that one. I will teach him a rough and tough lesson,” he partly said.

Dr. T Amale has, in numerous interviews and live social media appearances, claimed that Saha has mental issues, citing anti-government songs he has recently released and some of the controversial statements he has made.

T Amale supports the National Resistance Movement (NRM), the ruling party, while King Saha is pro-National Unity Platform (NUP), the leading opposition party.

It’s not the first time the crooner has been publicly criticised for his health issues. Previously, media personality Brian Mulondo called him out for having a smelly mouth.

Meanwhile, King Saha is the only one facing Dr. T Amale’s criticism lately. The noisy comedian has in numerous videos attacked Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso, faulting their mum, Prossy Mayanja, for not grooming them.

“Chameleone, Pallaso, and Weasel are all spoiled brats. Their mother didn’t groom them properly, and that’s why they can’t have a stable marriage. She spoon-feeds them like young children, and I am sure Weasel is not depressed. He is just spoiled,” he said in part in a video circulating on social media.