This endorsement marks a pivotal milestone in the initiative’s ongoing efforts to promote Kigezi region’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

The Miss Tourism Kigezi Initiative, the oldest and most active tourism promotion cluster in the region, has been a beacon of tourism development since its inception.

Under the dynamic stewardship of its founder Clare Twongirwe, and current cluster head, Ainembabazi Faith, the initiative has consistently pushed the boundaries of regional tourism.

Ainembabazi, a former queen herself, has transitioned seamlessly from titleholder to leader, ensuring the initiative’s continued growth and success.

The dedicated board, chaired by Canon Ivan Batuma, has played a crucial role in steering the initiative towards new heights.

Hon. Balam Barugahara’s presence at the crowning ceremony is expected to bring enhanced visibility and support to the Miss Tourism Kigezi Initiative, furthering its mission to showcase the tourism potential of the Kigezi region.

This event will celebrate the region’s beauty and culture as well as the vital role of tourism in regional development and economic growth.

The crowning ceremony promises to bring together stakeholders and enthusiasts from across the region to celebrate the unique attractions of Kigezi.

The Miss Tourism Kigezi Initiative invites everyone to be part of this celebration and support the continued promotion of Kigezi as a premier tourism destination in Uganda.