The Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety has sounded an alarm to all road users as schools gear up for the second term, calling for safety.

Michael Kananura, the voice of caution from the traffic department, emphasizes the need for a collective effort to ensure safe journeys as the roads brace for a surge in activity come Monday.

With learners, teachers, and parents hitting the road this week in droves, Kananura says adults need to ensure the young ones are safe on the road. He’s calling on parents, teachers, and caretakers alike to adhere to the guidelines issued by the Directorate.

Motorists have been tasked to be the epitome of discipline on the road, with Kananura reminding them to play by the rules, exercise patience, and shun distractions while on the road. He warned against the use of phones while driving, walking, or even crossing the road.

For the little ones, especially those under 12, adult supervision is non-negotiable when it comes to motorcycle rides. Kananura waves a red flag at motorcycles ferrying more than two kids and insists that helmets be non-negotiable for both riders and passengers.

Kananura further explained that to keep the roads less congested and more orderly, parents are strongly advised to play chaperone to their children. And drivers with excess passengers or loads are a recipe for disaster and a surefire way to attract the wrong kind of attention from traffic enforcers.

As an extra layer of precaution, children are urged to be picky with their rides, opting for taxis and boda-bodas from recognized stages to avoid being targets of conmen and kidnappers. He says tinted windows and unfamiliar vehicles must also be avoided.

Kananura called on the public to ring the alarm via the toll-free hotline 0800199099 for any road safety concerns.

By Minah Nalule