Recho Rey opened up about the period she went through depression and indeed, it was hell on earth for her.

The “Bwogana” rapper revealed that she once took to her social media accounts and recorded a live session while breaking down hoping that people would show concern.

However, she was shocked that only one person showed concern and reached out to her asking what was troubling her at the time and that was Prim Asiimwe, who invited her for an outing and talked about what she was going through.

“I didn’t expect anyone to be there for me but actually, let me take this opportunity to thank Prim Asiimwe during that period when everybody was saying whatever they wanted about me including accusations of using drugs among other toxic substances plus saying that had gone insane. She came through and gave me a shoulder,” the Lugaflo rapper noted in a candid interview with Galaxy TV’s Mr. Henry on Deep Talk.

Recho Rey adds that no other person or any media platform shared and talked about her breaking down on social media which gave her a lesson that people don’t care as each one is living their own life.

From that moment, learned not to count on anyone in life since everyone has their journey and fate to which they are focused.

“I remember putting myself on social media live and breaking down to tears but I didn’t see it anywhere and I didn’t hear anybody talking about it. I was depressed but no one wanted to know and now I know that that is why I don’t count on anyone and it’s okay,” she added.