Musicians Lilian Mbabazi, Cindy Sanyu, and Jackie Chandiru have cemented their reunion by dropping a fresh new single called Guma, ahead of their reunion concert at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel this month.

Produced with precision by Artin, and written by Dokta Bryan, “Guma” is a love Ballard, a message from a love-stricken lover to her husband, encouraging him to be patient, persistent, and strong in their love, assuring him that he is the only one for her—the declaration crafted in the warmth and fire of love and commitment, beautifully articulated through melody, rhythm, and lyrics.

 “Guma” brought together the vocal prowess of Jackie Chandiru with the opening verse, followed by the powerful voices of Cindy Sanyu and Lilian Mbabazi. Beautifully exploring their unique styles, melodious voices, and Artin’s incredible beat, they have created not just music, but a love story that will resonate with lovers of RnB and all music genres.

Cindy, speaking on behalf of the trio commented, “Guma” reminds us of the beauty of love, when we were creating this, we listened to ourselves, we merged the sound of the old Blu 3 and our unique sound and different personalities that we are, and made this. It is a song about patience, communication, warmth, and the faith lovers, and friends should have in love. The lyrics stir the soul and the beats invigorate the senses, this track is more than just music. It is the first song we have done together since we got back”.

Listen to ‘Guma’ audio below;