As the saying goes, a healthy body is a healthy mind! Lately, classy socialite Zari Hassan and boo, Shakib Cham are eating some metal in the gym. The couple is aiming to keep their bodies in shape and stay young, wild and free.

While in the gym over the weekend, Zari, donning a navy blue body-hugging two-piece trainer, which accentuated her hour-glass figure and shapely legs, with shirtless Shakib, showing off his unrivalled muscle and six packs, which make babes drool over, focused on sharpening their boxing skills.

However, being the gorgeous mother-of-five, she effortlessly left whoever was in the gym with wild thoughts, with the instructor struggling to play smart, not to piss off Shakib, who was watching closely!

watch the video below;

Shakib challenges Harmonize;

Last month, Shakib Cham showed interest in getting into the boxing ring with singer Harmonize. The 32-year-old socialite made his intentions of challenging Harmonize via DM.

Would love to have a boxing match with you as well in Tanzania, we would make money out of it and do charity as well. Hope to hear from you soon on this.” read a message Shakib sent to Konde Boy. 

Harmonize responded by asking Shakib to allow him to deal with the upcoming match with Mwakinyo because he (Shakib) might be forced to change his mind. 

“Lol, watch this one first, It might make you wanna change your mind,” Harmonize said.