Atyang Laura and Maestro Studios are thrilled to announce the release of the captivating visuals for “Afro Feeling”, the focus track from their latest EP, “Afro Feeling”.

The music video show cases Laura’s admiration and love for African culture, rich history. The song’s energetic beats, infused with Afrobeats and a touch of Ugandan vibes, create an electrifying atmosphere that will leave viewers enthralled.

The stunning visuals were shot by acclaimed cinematographer Aaronaire, who brings the song to life with his masterful storytelling. The result is a mind-blowing visual experience that perfectly complements the infectious energy of “Afro Feeling”.

“We’re beyond excited to share this new music video with our fans,” said Atyang Laura. “Our goal is to celebrate African culture and showcase its beauty and richness to the world. We hope this video inspires people to explore and appreciate the beauty of Africa.”

“Afro Feeling” is now available on all major music streaming platforms. Fans can enjoy the music video on YouTube and other social media platforms.

About Atyang Laura and Maestro Studios;

Atyang Laura is a talented artist dedicated to celebrating African culture and showcasing its beauty to the world. Maestro Studios is a renowned production company that has worked with numerous artists across the globe and is looking forward to create a footprint in the music industry.