In one of the post TikTok trending sounds, crooner Vyroota makes it clear that he always wants a babe to approach him with clear intentions to avoid wasting time.

In his own words, Vyroota says; “Wooba oyagala kwegatta ngamba oyagala gwetta, wooba oyagala tweyagale ngamba tweyagale, so sikujja nga oyagala kwegatta ate…so kyekyo sagala nyo drama.”

Surely one can sympathize with him given the fact that city babes who want to munch his ‘Bilinganya’ must be having his digits on speed dial, with others camping at his apartment now that he has become a star!

Well, now the singing sensation is out here claiming that from the research carried out by him, babes only want to harvest his ‘Bilinganya’ for pleasure, nothing else. He reveals that his inbox is always flooded with grand daughters of Adam, begging him to plant some ‘Bilinganya’ seeds in their fertile garden, with others willing to make it rain on him.

He explained city cougars are always setting themselves up for him and promising him heaven and earth in exchange for ‘Bilinganya’.

“You know very well I am a handsome man; women are always flooding my inbox and asking me for relationships and s3*x. Others are offering material gains in return for love, but I am not focused on that. I am pushing my career,” he partly said in an interview with a local YouTuber, before calling out for help.

Vyroota also adds he is facing a lot of trouble with them because many are persistent in their demands.