Exclusive info reaching us confirms that Eddy Kenzo has immediately called and talked to his sweetheart, Phiona Nyamutoro on phone, soon after news broke that she had survived being shot at by ruthless security guards.

The youthful, jolly and stunning Nyamutoro had gone to Kisoro District to execute her duties as the Minister of State for Minerals when the incident happened.

According to reports, a dispute erupted between Nyamutooro’s security detail and the trigger-happy Private security Guards, who apparently had orders to shoot whoever sniffed around the area they were protecting. Apparently, the disagreement came following the Minister’s attempt to sabotage the illegal Mining in Kisoro District. However, the security guards were overpowered and neutralised before they pulled the trigger!

When the news reached Kenzo, our inside source tells us that the Musician Federation gaffer panicked and grabbed the phone and he immediately called ‘kabiite’ to soothe her heart and erase her fears.

“Baby, tell me you are ok please. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you sweet Nyam. Am driving to that side now, now! I was heading to Kenya but let me come over and calm the storm,” sweaty and fearful Kenzo told his Kabiite in a phone conversation, according to our source.

Meanwhile, Nyamutoro has not yet issued an official statement regarding the matter, but she has already ordered for the arrest of the culprits, including their bosses.