TikTok sensation Tenge Tenge, is currenting living a dream as he continue to eat life with a big spoon enjoying life in Dubai after landing life-changing gig.

Tenge Tenge is working with top Dubai based property moguls, Zamelect Properties, (owned by Abdul Ghafoor, and Muhammad Shakoor better known as the Zam twins), known for dealing in real estate and high quality electronics.

The young entertainer who turned his misfortunes into fortunes was chauffeured in a white Rolls Royce Phantom from the airport.

He was received by the tycoon brothers before being ushered into a room for a surprise welcome party.

Tenge Tenge also shot some promo clips for the company that were shared on their socials.

Having spouted onto fame last year, Tenge is one the most followed people on social media in Uganda, with just over 7million followers on TikTok alone.

His comedy skits on the platform quickly caught the world’s attention, earning him repute from all continents.

However, at 11 years of age and in P3 class, Tenge recently decided to slow own his social media presence to concentrate on his studies.