In a harmonious fusion of talent and taste, Uganda’s renowned Dj Alisha has struck a resounding chord with global whiskey icon, Johnnie Walker.

This groundbreaking collaboration marks a milestone not only for the celebrated DJ but also for the vibrant East African music scene. This groundbreaking collaboration not only signifies a milestone for the renowned DJ but also shines a spotlight on the vibrant Ugandan music scene.

The top urban female DJ will be championing UBL’s new Whisky campaign Love Scotch Affair which was launched last month. The Love Scotch Affair is a campaign aimed at offering whisky lovers an extraordinary experience and it’s all about discovering, unlearning, and relearning the joy of whisky in new and exciting ways.

Dj Alisha - Best female deejay in Uganda
Dj Alisha is a scotching beauty

The beloved sensational DJ personality Dj Alisha has carved her path to stardom with an unparalleled flair for music mixes that transcend regions and borders. Known for her electrifying performances that ignite dance floors and her magnetic presence on social media, Dj Alisha’s journey to partnering with Johnnie Walker was inevitable.

Dj Alisha - Best female deejay in Uganda
Dj Alisha at one of the Johnnie Walker gigs

Her electrifying performances that set dance floors ablaze and her magnetic presence on social media have garnered her a devoted following and solidified her reputation as one of the top female DJs in the country.

Dj Alisha ‘s career highlights include headlining major events across East Africa and Tours in West Africa, particularly Ghana and Nigeria, Dubai, UK, USA & Australia also making waves on different platforms and big media houses showcasing her talent and versatility. Her seamless blending of genres and ability to captivate diverse audiences through her mixes made her an ideal choice for this prestigious collaboration with Johnnie Walker.

Dj Alisha - Best female deejay in Uganda
Dj Alisha

She has also performed on different stages as a headline female Dj like Timeless Kampala Concert that featured Davido, Jamaican sensation Konshens last trip to Uganda, Ayra Starr at Blankets and Wines among others. Because of her brand, she has previously worked with Global brands like Tecno, Smirnoff and is set to perform at the Arena in Kigali come September this Year.

“It’s an absolute honor to team up with Johnnie Walker. Their dedication to excellence and innovation deeply resonates with me, and I am excited to embark on this journey together,” Dj Alisha stated.

Dj Alisha ‘s success story not only revolves around her musical prowess on decks but also her captivating beauty, genuine charisma, and the inspiration she provides to aspiring female DJs. She serves as a role model for young female DJs, showcasing that dedication, skill, and passion can elevate their dreams to extraordinary heights within the industry.

Dj Alisha - Best female deejay in Uganda
Dj Alisha at one of the Johnnie Walker gigs

As Dj Alisha ‘s collaboration with Johnnie Walker gains momentum, it symbolizes more than just a business deal but also represents a celebration of talent, perseverance, and the unifying power of music.

By pushing the boundaries of entertainment with each electrifying set, Dj Alisha continues to redefine standards and audiences.

For the latest updates on Dj Alisha’s journey with Johnnie Walker, follow her on all social media platforms and be part of the celebration of this remarkable partnership.

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