Besides this jam being infectious given the well executed lyrics, code progression and the instrumentation, destined to redeem Prince Omar’s career, one shouldn’t miss out on it’s visuals.

It is the costumes for me, the extra mile they go, especially Mwiza Beibe and the gorgeous vixen. This video wins on presence. It never loses you. Perhaps it is this beauty of trying to observe the chemistry between the sweet-voiced Mwiza, Temperature Touch and Prince Omar.

They have this thing that is common with old lovers, where each lover has memories of the good old times. Location-wise, this video plays between this one mansion and the outdoor scenes, most especially at the poolside . But there is a smooth transition between these scenes.

You will love the fact that it is a clean and clear video. It is not overloaded with what should never be there. It does not try to over-interpret the audio. It is a perfect complement for the audio. If you need calmness and flavour on your eyes, this video will do.