Songstress Lydia Jazmine believes her recent Canada concert would have attracted a huge number of fans if Alien Skin had not tagged alone.

Apparently, the ghosts outnumbered revelers at the venue and the promoter counted losses and with this, Jazmine faults Alien Skin!

According to Jazmine, Alien’s involvement in politics has had his name written in National Unity Platform’s bad book- a political party which reigns supreme in the diaspora. It is a public secret that Alien Skin refused to bow down for NUP honcho, Bobi Wine, and Lydia Jazmine believes that it is one of the reasons why people couldn’t turn up for the show.

“Personally, I was happy with the turnout in Toronto. Of course, there are not as many Ugandans there as there are Nigerians, butthey still showed up. The show was affected by politics because I went there with Alien Skin, but I am happy for those who turned up,” she partly said in an interview with a local YouTuber.

Jazmine also announced she will continue with the European tour until December this year.

Alien Skin, on the other hand, is going about his business on TikTok as usual. He recently locked horns with former pal, Yung Mulo, after the latter offered to redeem his music career. Yung Mulo accused Alien of zalawo and also singing praise for Sevo.

Watch the video below;