Musician Winnie Nwagi was yet again in the spotlight for yet another bad offence booking for beating up her maid who had reportedly used her water bottle without permission.

Since then, she had since never come out to have a say on the scenario. She kept mute. Her boss Julius Kyazze was the only person to come and defend her image in the face of the media. This scenario had been preceded by another similar case where she beat up a journalist.

However, over the weekend, she finally came out to have a say on the scenario that almost killed her relationship with the fans since many labelled her violent. “My issue was between me and the maid and even while at the police station, I sorted out my issue well and as of now I have no case with the police. In fact, have never refused to go to police for that matter. I didn’t even expect that the matter would reach that far because it was just some simple slaps. It was just case of when you lose control of yourself and slap someone as that happens with everyone. Others are even dealt with severely. I accept that I overreacted but the way people blew it out of proportion was alarming.” Winnie Nwagi said during an interview.

The beaten maid was compensated with Uganda shillings 1 million by the singer’s management after spending several days in hospital.