NBS Presenter Zahara Toto recently paraded her new catch, a sudanese national she prefers to call a Nigerian from Australia only known as ‘Big Papa’.

About a fortnight ago, ‘Big Papa’ gifted the ‘potty belly’ failed singer with a borrowed BMW car that had a fake number plate.

The latest information on our news desk indicates that ‘Big Papa’ has gifted Zahara with an iPhone 11 Pro valued at UGX 5M.

The ‘NBS Uncut’ presenter  rushed to her social media platforms to shows off her new liability. It was at this juncture that she told slay queens who envy her to invest in warming and tightening their sumbies if they want men to gift them like her ‘Big Papa’.

Anyway, Zahara we have no problem with you. Enjoy your moment but let’s hope the iPhone is neither fake nor borrowed.