Since the year started, media personality, Zahara Toto, has been adventuring in deejaying where she trades as Dj Zato.

However, there has been so much criticism that has pinned her on several occasions for always playing recorded mixes on a live set.

About a fortnight ago at one of the city parties, Zahara Toto left her decks to hype up the crowd while the music played but revellers were shocked when they heard scratches and songs instantly changing.

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In the video, the confused Zahara Toto rushed back to the decks to save her credibility but it was too late, leaving many of the revellers laughing at her helplessly.

We have now landed on another video that has left many deejays baffled and disappointed for joking around with their jobs.

In the video, Zahara Toto is busted for playing a mix for a live audience.

Watch Zahara Toto playing a mix for her fans on a live set.

But according to DJs, it is actually okay to play another person’s mixes.

“If she can’t mix, it is okay to play mixes that are already done by somebody else,” Galaxy FM’s Djay Denno says.

He, however, warns that Djay Zato must be true to her audience.

“But she must be true to her audience and tell them the truth. The good thing she brings the vibe,” explains Djay Denno.