Maurice Kirya’ wife Lisa Gceverbeek did not take Zahara Toto’s joke lightly.

A few days ago, city man eater Zahara jokingly vowed to bonk Maurice Kirya in a video that circulated online.

Over the years, Zahara has built a go-getter reputation that has seen her bed dudes she feels like despite their status and this did not sound a joke.

Given the fact that she is never in bedroom matters, she seemed to have grabbed the bull by the horns and this was not received so easy by Maurice Kirya’s official bonkmate according to our sources.

We have been informed that Lisa Gceverbeek, Maurice Kirya’s wife is not happy with her dude flattering with Zahara Toto is recent and because of this particular reason, she has warned the rumor monger off her man.

Lisa’s move could have been fueled by the fact that she is aware her man is on the to do list of many city slay queens and man eaters because of his looks.

Over the years, Zahara Toto made bold moves on several city dudes like Reuben, Prince Omar, Don Solomon among others

However, the good news is that Maurice Kirya is well known to be a committed man who is happily married and this could be no hope for Zahara Toto.