NBS TV Presenter Mc Casmir got the shock of his life when he was netted in pleasure while indulging in sex with his somebody’s wife.

The two were busy ‘eating the forbidden fruit before the man of the house unexpectedly stormed in and decided to record them on camera.

On realizing the danger that awaited them, the two decided to hide, but unfortunately, the lady’s husband had already seen what transpired.

To prevent himself from taking the law into his hands or acting out of anger, the man locked the house and called security personnel from Kira Road police station, who arrived swiftly and handcuffed Mc Casmir before recording the two love birds on the crime scene.

The lady opened up about the marriage revealing she had deserted her matrimonial bed after her husband failed to satisfy her in bed thus opting for the young and energetic Mc Casmir.

Mc Casmir was spotted asking for forgiveness from the man he had offended together with authorities who were reluctant to forgive him.

From very close sources, Mc Casmir is a lion in bed whose love for bonking tubeless is endless.

The source revealed that Mc Casmir is a far better bonker than Grenade but he just prefers to keep it low key.

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Well, by press time, our efforts to reach an NBS staff for a comment were futile by press time.

Mc Casmir is currently held at Kiira Road Police Station.