Mc Casmir ditches Urban TV for Naguru based NBS TV

Over the recent years, NBS TV has grown a reputation of poaching the very best TV personalities from rival stations.

As a strategy of growing, it has surely paid off by making one of the very best in the land but surprisingly, they don’t look like they are stopping anytime soon.

mc casmir at ntv
Mc Casmir ditches Urban TV

After poaching Samson Kasumba, Sheila Salta from the Industrial area based Urban TV, the Naguru based station has done the same to Mc Casmir who has been a host of Campus 101, Trasnight and 527.

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Mc Casmir will be co-hosting Saturday Night Live alongside the likes of Zahara Toto.

The lucrative deal which Mc Casmir is still unclear. However, inside sources have revealed that his salary was doubled.

Mc Casmir is also well known for organising his ‘Party with casmir’ annual parties and giving back to the less previledged.

He recently paid tuition for students using money got from his ‘Party With Mc Casmir’ merchadise.

The number of On Air Personalities at the Naguru based TV station is currently unknown to the outsiders including media.

This is because of the continued recruitment by Human Resource.