A few days ago, singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool promised to make it official with wife Zuena in front of their fans after almost 2 decades of bonking.

However, his decision has not gone well with fellow singer Mukiibi Sadat alias Kalifa Aganaga who claims Zuena doesn’t deserve anything because she is too old. As a matter of fact, he went ahead to brag that her women are younger and more beautiful than the mother of 5.

According to Aganaga, Zuena is way past the age of walking down the aisle and they should just ignore and move on. “She is old. She can’t look beautiful. Bebe Cool is lazy. He is always doing things late. Can you imagine he just completed his house and now wants to wed Zuena after all these years? He should ignore and let go. She is old and tired. All my women are better than her.” Aganaga said.

However, it should be noted that Zuena an Bebe Cool had a religious marriage ( Nikkah ) years ago. Their intent is to formalize their marriage in front of their fans.