Music icon Big Size Bebe Cool, real name Moses Ssali, is officially five years shy of the 5th floor and his stunning bae, Zuena Kirema took to social media to pile praise on him, recalling one of the most memorable events in their relationship.

Zuena, who has been with the reggae star for over two decades, took to her social media pages and narrated how Bebe Cool one day decided to surrender the dime, which they had saved to have fun with at the beach, to an old woman who didn’t have transport.

According to Zuena’s post on her Instagram page, they had saved ‘kizike’ to spend at a beach in Entebbe and her Bebe exhibited a kind gesture by giving it to the woman.

Below is the full narration by Zuena Kirema as she celebrates Bebe Cool @ 45. It’s been edited a bit for easier reading.

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Today an exceptional husband, father, brother, son, and sweetheart was born.

I sometimes run out of words when it comes to you because you’re one special human with a heart of gold. We never lack because of you and all we can do is keep praying for you. When I talk about how special this man is, allow me to share a short story.

Almost 20 years ago, we decided to save up some money and go spend some time at the beach with mwami and in a period of one month, we managed to save UGX70,000.

One fine Sunday morning, we decided to head to the beach. Passed by the fuel station and bought fuel worth UGX20,000 meaning we were left with UGX50,000.

We proceeded with our journey. When we reached Entebbe town, he slowed down so pedestrians could cross the road and by the road side we noticed an old woman bargaining with a Boda man.

Mwami decided to step out of the car to find out what’s going on. Within a few minutes, he was back in the car and started narrating to me what had happened.


He said the old woman had come from one of the landing sites and had no money to pay the Boda guy because her daughter’s phone was currently off.

So when I asked how it ended, he told me he had given the old woman the 50.000 we had saved the entire month.

When I asked him why he didn’t give her at least 20,000, he told me what if her daughter’s phone doesn’t (sic) go through and she had to go back. I wanted to cry banange but again I thought about it as the right thing to do.

We ended up going to the beach and just stared at the water, spent (sic) only two hours without even sipping water. If I tell you this man is special, this is just one of those few stories.

I’m just glad I met you and I pray you continue with that giving heart.

I love you Bebe Cool Happy birthday my Superman.