Just a week a go, former People Power  supporter and blogger Ashburg Katto sensationally red carded Bobi Wine and crossed over to  Sevo’s Yellow bus.

Ashburg doctored a video that caused feud between me and Bebe Cool ...

Soon after joining what he now calls the ‘winning team’, Ashburg  together with his friend Ray Supasta publicly knelt down and begged for the Yellow Bus driver and city events mogul, Balaam Barugahara for hurling insults at them for years.

When asked if he would meet, dine and apologize to Bobi’s legendary nemesis, Bebe Cool, the controversial blogger swore in Allah’s name never to say sorry to him. Bebe is also an ardent yellow bus passenger.

Bobi Wine was nothing until he met me,' claims Bebe Cool - Nile Post

He said he has no reason to apologize to the Gagamel Boss because his master is Sevo.

“…who is Bebe Cool? I think he is a mere supporter in NRM just like me. We all serve one master! I can’t apologize to him for whats so ever reasons”, he roared.

While still subscribing to People Power, Ashburg had a habit of smearing pupu on Bebe Cool whenever he wished. He did all that to serve and please his former ‘Fadha’, Bobi Wine.