You can run or hide but you cannot escape from online investigative fans. On the social media streets, there are some people whose work is to dig deeper and gather concrete facts about prominent people.

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And surprisingly most of them apparently execute that job free of charge…they do it just for love. Literally no one is safe!

BBS TV’s stunning presenter, Dianah Nabatanzi is now among the celebrities who have tasted their wrath.

In a long run, finally the investigative online fans have landed on Diana’s pic she took when she was still dark skinned. The pic is believed to have been taken way back when she was still a virgin.

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According to fans, Nabatanzi must be a friend to Mama Lususu. And yes indeed when yo compare that pic to her current looks, you may have to believe the magic behind. ‘Manyi ga Kizigo!”

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As usual this has become a topic on social media. Below is the reaction from fans;