Forget the pic of BBS TV presenter, Dianah Nabatanzi which has been circulating on social media lately. Everyone has a story and so is the stunning media personality.

EXCLUSIVE; Diana Nabatanzi To Work On NBS TV, BBS TV Boss Confirms ...

Following all the ridicule from her haters, Nabatanzi seems to be unfazed…she is super proud of her magical transformation. She has finally opened up about her private life and how she has managed to reach where she is.

The 28 years old multi-talented star says she has been working around the clock and her hustle has paid off. She also believes that  God blesses every move she makes.

BBS TV Presenter Diana Nabatanzi Finally Reveals The Secret Behind ...

Nabatanzi also clarified the allegations that she hid her children away from the public eye. She confirmed that she has never given birth and asked  people to stop spreading unfounded  rumours, it’s affecting her romantic relationship.

“Am blessed with everything I need and I have worked for it since way back. I can never hide kids if I have any. I believe kids are a blessing and a blessing should be used to bless others,” she posted  on her social media pages.

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