Socialite Sheilah Gashumba aka Lil Stunner is as busy as a Bee and working tirelessly like a donkey to prove her point. Yesterday, she vowed to continue exposing Urban TV’s Tina Fierce and Kampala The Sun, a tabloid Newspaper for soiling her name.

Sheilah is bitter with Tina Fierce
Sheilah is bitter with Tina Fierce

Sheilah claims that these have successfully tarnished her name and their abuses led her into depression, giving them only 48 hours to apologize or else expose how they tried to extort money from her and her boyfriend God’s Plan.

“Kampala Sun and Tina Fierce have 48 hours to apologize or else I will spend the entire week exposing how you have successfully managed to tarnish my name because of money! You have made me have sleepless nights, gone into depression!” She tweeted.

Sheilah and God's Plan
Sheilah and God’s Plan

After demanding for an apology, Sheilah has since made a series of posts on social media in which she accuses a one Solomon Muleyi, Tina Fierce and Kampala The Sun of blackmail.

In one of her posts which she immediately pulled down for reasons only known to herself, Sheilah named a list of public figures she claims that Tina Fierce has always attacked and demeaned while on Air. These include, Jackie Chandiru, Bebe Cool, King Saha, Winnie Nwagi, Zahara Totto among others. She believes that Tina and her colleagues attack these people after failing to extort money from them.

Celebrities Sheilah claims Tina has demeaned
Celebrities Sheilah claims Tina has demeaned

“…you have made it a meal to tarnish, demean and abuse me and my family on your TV show sqoop and sqoop and your newspaper Kampala sun.

I will put out more evidence of how you have tarnished soo many celebrities in Uganda but the question is, what do you gain? Is it worth it?”, she says.

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