Fresh news coming in on our gossip desk indicate that celebrated Afro pop singer Rema Namakula is now craving for raw mangoes and hard clay soil (Emumbwa) a behavior that has spontaneously raised curiosity among her close friends

Rema Namakula

Unlike in the past where the singer would be found at home all happy and joyfully playing with kids, this time around an inside source reveals that Rema is always moody and beating up on kids who cross her path aimlessly.

Rema and her daughter Amaal

”After almost 7 months in her marriage Rema is beginning  act so strange these days . On top of craving for things like raw mangoes and hard clay soil, she is always moody and beating up on her kids” A source which preferred anonymity told this website

We don’t want to pre-empt anything about the signs that Rema is displaying at the moment but all indications point to something very fundamental that could be happening behind the scenes

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