Social media in-laws are still murmuring and trolling sensational singer Winnie Nwagi for failing seduce and to trap married  Rapper  Daniel Lubwama Kigozi aka Navio.

Navio stunting

They believe Navio did a heroic move to duck way when Nwagi tried rub and dub him with her soft goddess behind in a clip which has since broken the internet.

In the short clip, the light skinned rapper is seen swiftly moving away after feeling uncomfortable with her twerking.

Now embattled media personality Tina Fierce has also  added more salt in  Nwagi’s fresh wounds. According to Tina, Navio could be among countless men who hate babes with smelling behinds and that could the reason why he had excuse himself.

The embattled Lugambo machinery took to Twitter and aired her views out;

“OK girl, truth is not all men is an ass man. You be out here twerking with your crusty ass smelling behinds!!! They will do that to you. That Mans discomfort was so evident,” she tweeted.

Like on mission to attack and kill, she asserted in another tweet;

“Before you all scream it was a shoot, that Mans discomfort was so evident

And let us not act like we DO NOT KNOW “the before marriage navio”

he is always respectful in his vids still!”

However Navio claims he never intended to shame his fellow artist as many fans are putting it out.

“Omuganda agamba konaaweeka tokalinda kusaaba taka!!

Nolwekyo ensonga za ka video clip ezigenda maaso I’m here to clarify on that, it was a simple photo shoot, posing for pics with a fellow artist shouldn’t be bad!! And I wasn’t avoiding her, I just stepped a bit to check on the photos the camera guy was taking and that he was done and happy!!

Thank you.”, his post reads on social media.