Over the weekend one of government’s most fearless  critics and also renown social media influencer Frank Gashumba bought her daughter Sheila a brand new BMW ride worth millions of money.

Out of understandable excitement Gashumba’s daughter quickly took to Instagram and told the whole world how her dad had done everything possible to make  her the happiest girl in the universe.

”Still not over my new car from my dad .Thank you dad I LOOOOOVEEEE THE CAR” Sheila posted thanking her dad for the new monster ride.

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And now after getting her car behind the backyard , it is claimed that Frank bought Sheila the monster ride because she had apparently  broken up with loaded boyfriend God’s plan.

As a way of consoling her and not letting her drown in emotional tears over the break up , Frank quickly pulled the purse and bought Sheila one of the most expensive rides on the local market