Today morning, the internet exploded after video clips of a violent Zahara Toto pleading for Love from his ex-boyfriend Suleman Taliban went viral on the internet.

The self-proclaimed Field Marshall Entertainer went from hero to zero within a brink of an eye as fans could not believe what struck their eyes.

It should be noted that a day ago, the NBS presenter had decided to play smart and took to her Snapchat to accuse his boyfriend of cheating before branding him an anus. The tables overturned and she turned into a laughing stock that nobody expected.

Now a friend to Sheila Gashumba who preferred anonymity has warned that what we just witnessed is a movie trailer of what is coming for the pencil-thin social media noisemaker.

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Sheila Gashumba

According to the source, It will even be worse for Sheila Gashumba because God’s Plan has a bad past history that is attached to jails of London where he had been locked up for many years after engaging in a series of robberies.

The friend further tipped us to fasten our seat belts because it is going to be an action-packed movie sooner or later.