Last week Mukono Municipality MP, Hon. Betty Nambooze came out and alleged that Forum For Democratic Change’s strongman Rtd Col. Dr Kiiza Besigye had agreed to rally behind Bobi Wine in 2021 presidential elections.

Besigye trashes Nambooze

Nambooze claimed that FDC and National Unity Platform stroke a deal on who should take on incumbent and ‘Yellow Bus’ driver, Sevo and both parties decided that he should be none other than Bobi Wine.

She made those remarks in a Televised TV program a day after she joined Bobi’s NUP. However, Besigye says he has never agreed on supporting Bobi and maintains he will support  any candidate FDC fronts.

Besigye and Bobi Wine

“…of a recording in which Hon. Betty Nambooze says that there was an agreement for me to support Hon. Kyagulanyi in the elections and for him to support us in the defiance campaigns, that i would like to say most clearly that there is no such a deal. Now please be clear! I never engage in under hand deal and secret deals. If discuss and agree we talk about our agreement. Whatever we have agreed with the leaders of the People Power Movement, we have communicated to the country… So there is no agreement for to support anybody in the elections.”

“Everybody knows am a member of FDC that’s why i even supported somebody who was clearly weak but the party called that we do so. So i have told you that my party has not yet produced a candidate. I have also told you that my preference regardless of all these candidates…the country demands that we all unite”, he said over the Weekend while addressing his supporters during a Facebook live session.