Media critic and Muhoozi promoter Frank Gashumba has branded Ugandan musicians as mediocre, stating that they cannot compete with Bobi Wine.

Gashumba explained that Bobi Wine is far superior to Ugandan musicians, and none of them can compete with him.

He said the NUP President made a fortune when he joined politics, and Ugandan musicians should stop comparing themselves to him.

“Bobi Wine is in a class of his own, and no artist can compete with him in Uganda. These other musicians are just mediocre and still broke, but Kyagulanyi joined politics and has gained a lot of wealth from it. He is incomparable to anyone,” he partly explained in an interview with a local radio station.

According to the social commentator, Bobi is the only singer in Uganda who qualifies as a celebrity.

“Maybe the only person who qualifies as a celebrity is Bobi Wine because of his recent trips to California. He has climbed to the level of celebrity status,” said.

Asked how he looks at other artistes people term as celebrities, Gashumba was frank: “These are masqueraders. These are impersonators… Bobi is on a different level… And let me tell you something, musicians, leave Kyagulanyi alone, he is no longer in your league… He is on another level. Enjoying life with the likes of Beyonce.”

According to him, a celebrity is judged on many aspects, including their sense of fashion, the people they hang out with, and the cost of their lifestyle.

“Show me a celebrity with a brand-new car!” he said.