When Bobi Wine used the late Paul Kafeero’s ‘Ghetto Nazigala’ song to declare that he had quit smoking the famous illegal leaf, many took it for a joke but he meant business!

About 12 years ago, Bobi Wine redid Kafeero’s ‘Ghetto Nazigala’ in which he announced that he had retired from puffing the blunt and also took it upon himself to advise the youth he had inspired to follow suit.

Well, little did we know that the popstar cum opposition honcho had also said goodbye to booze the following years. It has only come to public knowledge today, Wednesday, Jan 31, that actually he’s been starving himself!

While quoting comedian Patrick Salvado, who took his X (formerly Twitter) page and revealed how he has gone nine days without tasting booze, Bobi Wine revealed how his blood has been clean for the past 12 years!

“People who don’t drink alcohol in the club or restaurant or at a party, yet they are happy .. I respect you .. eh eh eh … is no easy Naye I’m determined to live a healthy life #Day9 #NoAlcohol,” Salvado shared on X and Bobi dropped a bombshell! “It’s year 12 for me. Talk to me nicely, I have the notes. It’s achievable.”

Despite his past involvement with various substances such as alcohol and weed, Bobi, real name Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, made a conscious decision to break free from these vices and embark on a new path.

Listen to Ghetto Nazigala below;