Sexy and bootylicious singer Lydia Nabawanuka a.k.a Lydia Jazmine might be dating fellow musician and celebrated local rapper Fik Fameica but their seemingly strong relationship doesn’t take away the fact that the ‘Omalawo’ hit maker had some silent admirers on the side before sealing  the deal with Fik Fameica.


Among the many people who watched Lydia Jazmine on the side and wished she was their girlfriend is non other than controversial NTV presenter Crysto Panda.

Perhaps as way of revealing the gospel truth that hid under his heart for quite a long time the hyper active TV presenter now turned singer took to Lydia Jazmine’s Instagram post and revealed how FiK Fameica acted so fast to win Jazmine’s heart yet he too had some feelings for the sexy singer

”@lydiajazmine anti omuyayee yansookaayooo” Crysto Panda responded to a question Jazmine had posed to him earlier in the comments section.
Whether or not this was just a fun filled session on Instagram but we the analysts couldn’t just take for granted Cryto Panda’s blatant utterances.