It was at 8:00pm when Ofwono Opondo’s daughter called him informing that they were under attack by unknown people, he rang the IGP and DPC of Mukono for rescue.

Ofwono says his people were put at ransom,cut his ward rope searching for him and also went with his 6 million Shillings.

According to Opondo, the thugs stormed his crib through the main gate, which has no guards and was only bolted without a padlock. They then moved to the master bedroom with the three victims. They broke open the wardrobes of the master bedroom.

His security guards went on leave a month ago he believes the attack could be from the opposition’s plan B wanting to spay fear and intimidation to Government officials who are challenging on the public platform.

However fans on Facebook have since made O.O a meal to troll, saying his bedroom looks messy!

A one Cissy Namakula took to the comment section and blasted; “disgusting bed room”.

Joycelyn Wonders Bulafu also fired;  “I wish i can record… I was going to talk about his bedroom n the tie on the door but let me keep quiet”.

Rosette Damulira also poured her heart out; “Iìiiiì the bedroom looks like that of a P.1.G”.

Stephen Oluka commented;  “This guys interior house is disorganized,, how come even you”.

Martin Mwinyi wondered;  “nga big man sleeping badly”.