When songbird Spice Diana beefed up her security with over six mugged bodyguards, a section of music critics were quick to bash her.


They believed Spice Diana is still broke to facilitate such a big number of bodyguards. Well it is now approximately 7 months down the road the Bajikoona hit singer is still effortlessly bossing it up with her security team.

Now fellow female star, Rema Namakula has also up her game by hiring around 8 bouncers to scare off enemies. Over the weekend while performing at Kwanjula ceremony, the said bouncers were all over the place, watching Rema steps as she wowed the guests.

Musaawo at the Kwanjula
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It should be noted that Kenzo was also among those who attended the ceremony. Sources say Musaawo knew about Kenzo’s attendance and that could have been one of the reasons why he advised ‘Mama Mikolo’ to beef up their security.

Watch the video below and have fun!