Earlier this week on Wednesday, social media was awash with pics of angelic singer and pastor Julie Mutesasira Nalujja’s pics legalizing her relationship with fellow woman only identified as Linet.

Apparently jaw-dropping pics were intentionally leaked by city ‘maffene’ pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha .

When pastor Mondo was asked why he burst Julie’s bubble, he claimed he was under a lot of pressure from fellow pastors who were pinning him for siding with pastor Steven Mutesasira to marry another wife.

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According to Mondo, he chose to silence them by showing the other side of Julie Mutesasira the world didn’t know!

He explained that even before Julie left Uganda for Canada, him and other few pastors tried to intervene into their marriage so that they could settle the misunderstandings but in vain.

Pastor Mondo furthermore disclosed that Julie ditched Pastor Steven and told him how she had moved on. On top that, the most heart breaking issue was when she told pastor Steven that her sexual preferences had also changed and hence the reason why in the wedding photos Julie was acting as the groom.

He also noted that Julie Mutesasira used to sweet-talk fellow female pastors before she fled abroad. Pastor Mondo also revealed how the wedding took place in 2017.

“I have more than one photo of Julie Mutesasira’s wedding with a fellow woman. I released those photos after I met over 16 pastors who were on my neck and grilling me for having backed Pastor Steven Mutesasira for marrying a second wife.

So when I exposed to them Julie’s photos marrying a fellow woman, all the pastors who had come here at my office all went mute and walked out of the meeting we were in.

At first, I had decided not to display those photos on social media because of family issues and for matters of privacy but due to a lot of pressure, It went out of my hand and I had calm down the fire that was being sent towards me.

In fact, I got the photos from the owners themselves, so they I got snaps, I talked to Pastor Steven about the issue. Before she even left, I used to get complaints from different fellow pastors and young girls at Church reporting to me how Julie was always hitting and sweet-talking them.

There is a pastor known as Kieth can also testify on that because there were some matters that we intervened and sorted out.”