With the events of 2020, roast n rhyme as we know it was put on hold until it’s safe for people to enjoy a concert together. The organizers of the event were quick to adapt to the times and abandoned the old format of the festival concert and re-invented it into a tourism experience of the Murchison falls national park.

Aimed at promoting local tourism, the guests started their experience on Friday and started their game drives last Saturday. Some guests were irritated by the strict SOPs guidelines during the weekend.

The weekend gateway was heavily sought by a lot of Ugandans but could only allow for 170 people which is within the allowed limits by the government. That number further reduced as one or two were not allowed to board the tour bus after registering high body temperatures at the departure point in Kampala.

Some prominent media personalities enjoyed the game drives and the evening roastings.

The organizers issued free pocket sanitizer and free masks for the 3 days to every guest.

Here are some of the pictures from the weekend.