With just a few days to go until Bell Lager and Swangz Avenue’s Roast and Rhyme edition in Jinja, the city, individuals, and businesses are already reaping the benefits of the event.

Slated for 1st – 3rd July, Roast and Rhyme will show up in Jinja with the “Nyam on the Nile” edition – in a welcome twist that has seen more Ugandans jump at opportunities to visit more local tourism sites since the COVID-19-induced lockdown.

Due to lockdown fatigue and the prolonged closure of bars, more Ugandans embraced road trips to different tourist destinations around the country, which has helped the hospitality sector recover from the economic effects of the pandemic.

According to authorities in Jinja, the city has experienced an uptick in activity since this edition of Roast and Rhyme was announced a few weeks ago.

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Most of the hotels in the city and surrounding areas are already fully booked as more and more revelers plan their accommodation for the weekend event – resulting in more local hotel tax collections and income for local businesses providing different goods and services.

Simon Kaita, Jinja City’s Tourism Officer said, “As a result of the activities within the Roast and Rhyme weekend, we have already witnessed increased bookings for accommodation facilities and eating places in the city. And thanks to the demand for the source of the Nile, there has also been an increase in revenue earned from it and other complementary tourism sites and attractions around Jinja.” He added that the popularity of this event is yet another testament to Jinja City’s giving visitors experiences that create lasting memories.

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According to the sponsors – Bell Lager – the event is the perfect opportunity for the brand to curate a different experience through which its consumers can let the good times flow with their friends and family.

Matilda Babuleka, the Bell brand manager, said, “We are proud to be taking Roast and Rhyme on the road because we exist to give our consumers different experiences through which they can have a good time. With this edition, our consumers get to experience the fact that enjoyments can happen anywhere and at any time – as long as they have the right vibe, the right crew, and of course – cold Bell Lager.”
This edition is being driven by Bell Lager’s Mpola Enjoyments campaign, which encourages consumers to enjoy chill vibes with their friends and family, some nyama choma and ice-cold Bell Lager any time, anywhere.

The event is also part of Uganda Breweries Limited’s purpose to Celebrate Life while Growing Uganda – which is what this edition delivers.