DEAR ZZINA POWER: I’M not too big in the wedding tackle department and, as a double whammy, I don’t last long when it comes to sex.

I’m 22 and my partner is 27. When we go to bed, I try to focus on foreplay.

But I know that as soon as we take things further, it will be over for me.

It is humiliating and embarrassing – and it must be frustrating for her.

I read that babes like being with younger bonkmates because they are supposedly more energetic and expert when it comes to going a distance and satisfying a partner. But that isn’t the case for me.

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ZZINA POWER SAYS: First of all, I can’t help you change your physical size.

But I rarely get emails from babes saying their partner is too small. In fact, a larger penis can lead to other problems.

Whether you are a considerate lover or not is what makes the difference.

Yes, focusing on foreplay is good. But my support pack Want To Last Longer? might help you slow things down a little.

I would also recommend a checkup with your GP to make sure there is no underlying health reason behind this.