Today is a sad day for Yellow Bus passengers, Ashburg Katto, Catherine Kusasira, Full Figure and Mzee Wa Kazzi, Isma Olaxess. Apparently, their much treasured Facebook pages have been hacked and permanently deleted by unknown people.

Ashburg and Full Figure

When one tries to search for the above mentioned pages, they are no where to be found. Ashburg, Full Figure and Olaxess are Sevo’s machinery who were hired to thwart NUP’s Honcho, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s presidential dreams and of course spread the NRM gospel far and wide on social media.

But now as it stands, their formidable fighting machines have been silenced! In Tweni Tweni, almost all Bobi Wine’s affiliated Online TV and Facebook pages were hacked and deleted.

Will Ashburg recover or retire from this shock?

Ashburg claimed he was the brain behind the hacking and even threw a big party to congratulate himself for denting Bobi’s mission. Now he is having a taste of his own medicine!

His page her over 178000 followers, Isma’s had around 35000 followers and Kusasira had about 300000 followers. However some sources say its just another stunt!

We shall keep you posted.