Last week, teen socialite, Sheilah Gashumba took on the mantle and tasked all candidates running for presidency in this years general elections some unanswered questions.

Sheilah demanded each of the candidate to answer her question before this week on Thursday. Incumbent, Sevo and FDC’s defiant man Patrick Oboi Amuriat responded to the self-proclaimed Lil Stunner’s questions super quick than anyone could imagine.

However NUP’s flag bearer, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine perhaps treated Sheilah’s question as an option.

She tasked Bobi Wine to explain to his voters his strategy, Economic, social and Foreign Policy among others before he wears ‘Ngule’ in case citizens entrust him with the country’s top office but since then, he is still mute.

Now Sheilah has put him on sword to use these remaining days to respond to her question.

” Not many years a go, I was soooo excited to meet and interview His Excellency Bobi Wine for my first time in the Daily Monitor (CHOGM Teens column). I wanted to know why he called himself the ‘Ghetto President’. He answered with very brilliant answers that inspired me.

Last week, I asked him as a Presidential Candidate what his foreign, economic, social strategies for Uganda ARE. Just like i asked the other Presidential candidates, they took their time and replied to my question…
I hope Bobi Wine makes time for me once again to inspire me (yet again), and maybe others out there.”, she posted on her FB page. Will Bobi consider her plea? We shall keep you posted.