Seems ‘Tweni Tweniwaan’ is a year for making up, loving and bonking hard. We can authoritatively reveal to you that God’s Plan has resumed eating Sheilah Gashumba’s beans on credit! Surprised, right?

Sheilah eating money on baecation in Zanzibar fresh beach waters

The teen couple managed to sail through strong waves and storms and as we speak they are again bonking tubeless. In Tweni Tweni  rumor had it that God’s Plan had dumped Sheilah for good.

He even made the rumor hold water when he jetted out of the country. Before vanishing, he took snapchat and wrote; “I feel like i just escaped from prison. Dear God thank you”.

Plan shared on snapchat

According to many social media in-laws, this was a clear message that the former Arsenal academy player had surely ate the beans and ran away.

Since then, Sheilah has been living a low-key life with less social media drama, not until recently when she flew out to Zanzibar for a short ‘baeacation’ (Read vacation).

Sheilah having the last laugh

Netizens thought perhaps she had hooked up with another loaded fellow who’s bankrolling her flashy trip but today, it has come to light that she is actually eating life with God’s Plan. Pics of the pair on the Bike setting off to another destination are already making rounds on social media.

Sheilah wins her ‘Plan’ back

In one of the pics, seemingly very relaxed, Lil Stunner rests all her weight on Plan’s mugged muscle as she ‘kulumya abayaaye’ who thought that it had ended in tears.

Will he use this chance to balloon her?