Have you ever been suspicious of your girlfriend’s fishy behaviour, and were tempted to check through her messenger or WhatsApp chats? If yes, what did you find out? Did your eyes read something that suddenly changed your heartbeat rhythm and breathing? If yes, here is a colleague, who has faced the same scenario.

If you have never witnessed it, stay calm please! Your time is coming, more so when you are in love with a cheating partner in passion.

With all his trust issues, a man has broken-down into tears after he forcefully checked his girlfriend’s phone and perused through her WhatsApp messages.

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A guy with Username Hamid on Twitter, has become a laughing stock among Netizens on Twitter after he shared a series of tweets, with screenshots of the conversation between his girlfriend and another guy, who was apparently bonking her tubeless.

The screenshots entail heavily s3xualized inferences, but instead of feeling sorry for the heartbroken chap, a section of Netizens have mocked him, with others offering him a new uniform, for he seems to be a new student in the love arena school.

”I opened my GF’s WhatsApp Today. And all I can say is OMO. If I see any girl ranting on the timeline that men are scum or anything of that sort… I will trace you down and I will beat nonsense out of your Body,” Hamid ranted after facing reality.

Check out a screenshot of his post below: