Sheilah Gashumba knifes Rickman from his bonking role

Exclusive info coming through indicates that Sheilah Gashumba is officially single and currently in a Free Range System after her entanglement with Rickman Manrick hit a dead end.

To confirm that there is indeed trouble in paradise, the NBS After5 entertainment pundit rushed to her Instagram page and deleted all the pics she took with Rickman in a bid to move on and forget the steamy romance and romps they have been having. Hurt by her decision, Rickman, a singer and also talented footballer, followed suit and pulled down Sheilah’s photos, to make a huge statement.

Next thing in line was the media personality to flee to Zanzibar’s swanky beaches to take some time off.

Through her Instagram stories, the 27-year-old TV gal revealed that she travelled to Zanzibar to relax her mind and prepare herself for the new month. She noted that she had endured a bad July and cooling off was ideal.

“It was just a bad month, not a bad year! Can’t wait to make the rest of the months this year great. My mind, heart, work all tested my patience in July but I’m glad I had everything in control and I’m proud of how I handled every situation! August is here and I’m happy I took time off in Zanzibar to relax my mind before the new month,” she said.

Rumours of their break up hit the roof early this year after Sheilah, a.k.a Lil Stunner, superglued on Nigerian star, Ruger when he jetted into the country to perform. It is said that Rickman couldn’t stand watching his sweetheart rubbing shoulders with Ruger.

Apparently, the Ebango hit maker had sleepless nights after his sweetheart followed Mr. Dior to Rwanda, in the name of handling his Public Relations (PR).

As a way of soothing his heart, Rickman hooked up with another stunning city bird, with whom he has been smashing. A video of the singer and his new catch, swapping saliva found its way onto the internet, subsequently causing a massive stir among Netizens.