This week on Wednesday, a video of Sheilah Gashumba’s boyfriend, Rickman, chewing another city babe’s lips surfaced on the internet.

In the 9-sec video filmed in a car, Rickman, donning a white T-shirt with navy blue jeans, and the mysterious partner in passion looking hot in a white skimpy dress, seductively face each other, roll their lovey-dovey eyes before they swap saliva as the pair warms up for Easter weekend.

The video which is currently trending has become a subject of debate amongst Netizens on social media platforms, with a huge section of Netizens wondering how Sheilah Gashumba would react after watching her prince charming happily straying with another beauty.

Watch Video below:

It is hard to think that this was a stunt because the two seemed to be so into each other. But trust the self-styled Lil Stunner because she never disappoints. Hours after the video found its way onto the internet, Sheilah, 27, took to her Instagram stories to post a message that seemed to address the situation and shake off pressure.

“My soulmate is money,” she lashed out.

Sheilah and Rickman started bonking on credit last year, soon after the NBS TV star broke up with God’s Plan. They had probably made one full year together, eating things home and away.

After learning about their steamy romps, God’s Plan came out and revealed that Rickman used to camp at his place for lunch, not knowing his hidden intentions.

Nigga used to come to my apartment to eat and drink. Snake,” Plan fumed. 

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