Arsenal fans have always made it a meal to mock and downplay Manchester United’s sensational star, Bruno Fernandez. The Gunners believe Fernandez is just an overrated fellow since most of his goals are scored from penalty spots.

Rema banned Kenzo

Some have even nicknamed him ‘Penandez’! They say ‘mbu’ any player can convert from the spot and have those exciting stats like ‘Penandez’. However one lucky chap here in UG, Hamza Ssebunya is failing to convert any!

Crooner Rema Namakula showed her longtime player Eddy Kenzo a straight red card and subsequently banned him for life. Rema immediately secured self an exciting Zzinacologist, Hamza, to fill the void which had been left by Kenzo. The Angelic voiced crooner threw her fans into frenzy as they anticipated for ‘goal after goal’ from the young-looking and energetic new signing who made the BET Award cry like a baby.

Hamza seemed to be world class striker

Hamza was a world class striker already….Rema couldn’t bring in a flop since she had invested some good time in the transfer market hunting down for a serial goal poacher who could raise bar so high. Her parents stamped, sealed and blessed the new partnership on 14th, November 2019.

But for the past 14 months, Hamza has done nothing other than worrying fans! For all the Home and Away matches Hamza has played full 90 minutes, he has failed to put the ball at the back of Rema’s open net. Even his countless penalty shoot outs have hit the crossbar!

Hamza could turn out to be a flop

Yes, fans have been served with promising pics and videos, suggesting that all is well but they are growing impatient. Some might start to ask for his sacking after all he won’t be the first. Even Geosteady was kicked out by baby mama Prima Kardashi. Just yesterday, Chelsea fired Frank Lampard. Why not hook Hamza off?

Probably Hamza might need an assist king to improve his Zzina skills, sikyo?