Hamza Rema…

Rema craving for raw mangoes and hard clay soil (Emumbwa).

Freshest info coming in suggest that celebrated songbird Rema Namakula is now craving for raw mangoes and hard clay soil (Emumbwa). This is after boo, Dr Hamza Ssebunya finally upped his bedminton game and scored her ‘Pulosesi by Pulosesi’!

According to an inside source, Hamza’s skillful midnight duties payed off and this is the reason why Rema is no longer frequently posting on social media. On Father’s day she broke her own record by refusing to post any pic of her boo! She only posted an artwork with a brief caption;

“To all the wonderful fathers out there….we celebrate and appreciate you TAG THEM….Mine:Mwami Sebunya zaddy to me and daddy to our Malaika.”

Apparently, Musaawo scored her while in Dubai during her Birthday celebrations a few months back.

Unlike in the past where the singer would be found at home all happy and joyfully playing with kids, this time around an inside source further tips us that the singer’s mood swings is on another level.

Hamza scored Rema while in Dubai during her Birthday celebration

She has remarkably obeyed the stay at home-orders Sevo put in place recently to slow down the surging Coronavirus case and even gained massive weight!

The same reports also indicate how Rema is ready to keep her pregnancy a secret like fellow artistes including Vinka and Juliana Kanyomozi who managed to keep their pregnancies away from media.

If at all the reports hold water, then congrats to the power couple!

Hamza and Rema officially started staying together as hubby and wife in 2019 after their glamorous introduction ceremony.

The crooner has one child, Aamal Musuuza who she gave birth to in her previous relationship with Eddy Kenzo.

Hamza Rema Aamal in Dubai city..