DEAR ZZINA POWER: I MISS my ex-lover so much it’s making me ill. I can’t get over him, even though he treated me badly.

I’m a single mum of three aged 43. I met this man, who’s 35, online. At first he was really charming, always sending me sweet messages and videos.

It took ages to hook up but when we finally did, in a hotel, it was great.

But after we had steamy romps for the first time, he disappeared for weeks. This pattern continued. He’d be wonderful, declaring his love, and we’d meet.

Then he would go AWOL and ignore my messages.

His mind games drove me mad and it got to the point where I had to block him. But I love him and can’t get him out of my head.

ZZINA POWER SAYS: Do not blame yourself. He was superficially charming but wasn’t able to commit.

Perhaps he isn’t single, or is just a player who wanted to bonk. You deserve to be with someone who will give you their full attention.

You can’t turn your feelings off but time is a healer. Learn from this and move on. My support pack Mend Your Broken Heart will help with the process.